Links da semana #2

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Links da semana de 10 a 16 de agosto de 2013:

Rant: Why I love what the Chromecast stands for (link).

NVIDIA Shield now has open source software support (link).

The What Why and How of Wayland and Weston on Linux (link).

“Volatile” can be harmful… (link).

Free Parallella SBCs offered to university researchers (link).

Resistive RAM (link).

$275 HackRF Open Source Software Defined Radio (SDR) Platform (link).

GizmoSphere vs Minnowboard – AMD and Intel x86 Embedded Boards Comparison (link).

Benchmarking ARM’s big-little architecture (link).

Intro to Arduino (link).

The First ARM Computer – Acorn Archimedes A3000 (link).

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