Links da semana #2

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Links da sem­ana de 10 a 16 de agosto de 2013:

Rant: Why I love what the Chrome­cast stands for (link).

TI Illus­trates Car Secu­rity Threats (link).

NVIDIA Shield now has open source soft­ware sup­port (link).

The What Why and How of Way­land and Weston on Linux (link).

“Volatile” can be harm­ful… (link).

Free Par­al­lella SBCs offered to uni­ver­sity researchers (link).

Resis­tive RAM (link).

$275 HackRF Open Source Soft­ware Defined Radio (SDR) Plat­form (link).

Giz­moS­phere vs Min­now­board – AMD and Intel x86 Embed­ded Boards Com­par­i­son (link).

Bench­mark­ing ARM’s big-little archi­tec­ture (link).

Intro to Arduino (link).

The First ARM Com­puter – Acorn Archimedes A3000 (link).

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